Bogotà, Colombia

Fondazione Marguz, Adriana Marin, Gabriel Guzman



All that we are and do today has, without doubt, deep roots in the work of Maestro Farulli. Our love for chamber music came into being at the Fiesole School of Music. At that school, we learned to dream and to comprehend the values we can obtain by playing together. We sensed the wonders of music and imagined the usefulness of these values ​​in a society like ours and, without being truly aware of everything we had in our hands, day by day we realized that everything we do, the lives we see change before us, all confirm that music is what transforms, enriching the society impoverished by the ugliness of human actions and embellishing it with its allure. Maestro Farulli bequeathed to us this greatness, with his strength, courage, seriousness, enthusiasm; he taught us that music is worth having in our lives and that we are fortunate to have music as a tool, as a tool of our trade. The other, and perhaps more important thing that ensures that Maestro Farulli stays with us: Every time we give of ourselves, every time we help someone, we are aware that it is a sort of remuneration for everything we have received from so many people in our lives, but, from Farulli in particular, for his special kind of generosity. Adriana Marin

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“Homage to Maestro Piero Farulli”

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