Pitigliano, Palazzo Orsini

Piero Farulli was totally a man of his times. Besides being a great musician and teacher he had a strong civic sense and a great political conscience. The Setteinsiemeperpiero group was formed as a memorial to him. If he were still with us he would certainly have come to Lampedusa, and sat the front row!

Maestro Farulli was a great admirer of Ludwig van Beethoven, composer of many masterpieces one of which became the European anthem, so playing his Septet in Lampedusa, the gateway to Europe, takes on multiple meanings, both artistic and human.

Atos Canestrelli      

Federico Guglielmo, violin
Elisa Ardinghi, viola
Pietro Bosna, cello
Atos Canestrelli, double bass
Vincenzo Perrone, clarinet
Marco Venturi, horn
Umberto Codecà, bassoon

Septet in E-flat major op. 20

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