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“I am very happy to dedicate the De Sono concert, scheduled in Turin on 13 December 2020, to Piero Farulli. A prominent figure in the musical and cultural world, Farulli crossed his professional paths with my first experiences in the field of higher musical education. It was 1979 when I was organizing the first specialization courses, in collaboration with FIAT, at the Conservatory «G. Verdi »of Turin. Alongside Antonio Janigro and Robert Veyron Lacroix, Farulli dedicated himself to string quartet lessons, leaving an indelible mark on the students of the masterclass. The inspiration was born from that experience, which a few years later (in 1988) led me to found De Sono, an association that has the mission of helping young musicians to establish themselves in the difficult world of international concerts. Proof of this is the concert on 13 December, which combines established first parts (Roberto Righetti, Simone Briatore, Stefano Guarino) with young performers (Beatrice Spina, Giorgia Lenzo, Lorenzo Guida) engaged in a performance that is at the same time a precious educational opportunity. “

Francesca Gentile Camerana

Roberto Righetti, violin
Beatrice Spina, violin
Simone Briatore, viola
Giorgia Lenzo, viola
Stefano Guarino, cello
Lorenzo Guida, cello

“6 x 2”

Sestetto n.1 Op.18

Verlärke Nacht

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