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To Piero:

The memory of when I entered that magical place is still vivid. It was a cold January and I walked under the falling snow in search of the Fiesole “School of Music.” A small road immersed in the Tuscan countryside that seemed to never end took me to a large park in which I glimpsed an old building. I entered, hesitating. Immediately I was overwhelmed by groups of instrumentalists of all ages and ethnicities who were running around wildly. I heard my last name called, I went up the stairs, and I could never have imagined that by opening one door my life would have changed. And there you are coming in: tall, crowned by your white, elegant hair; with an elegance that has always characterized you. Angry, passionate, and smiling, that’s how your sweet smile could quickly turn into severity.

Thank you, Piero for welcoming me into your little corner of paradise and teaching me what it is to make music with love and seriousness and respect for others. Thank you for donating that seed that made curiosity and unconditional love for chamber music sprout in me.

This Festival is nothing but the result of my past experiences and you are its main actor. Being able to remember you in this third edition is a great privilege. Remember that at the end of the trip … only the music will count! Jacopo Di Tonno

Jacopo di Tonno, cello



Suites n. 2, n.4 and n. 6

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