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It is with great pleasure that I accept the invitation to dedicate our April 2020 student concert (presumably on April 28) on the occasion of the “Farulli 100” project, to the work of the Maestro. I still remember as if it were yesterday, the splendid Quartet lessons at the Fiesole School, and, in summer, at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena. They were invaluable moments in my training as a musician. The generous and selfless work of the Maestro towards hundreds of students has remained for me a model to attempt to emulate, pursuing the dissemination of musical culture as one’s ultimate career goal. There’s nothing nobler than to train young musicians with music as an instrument for human growth. In my area, my wife, Elisa Ardinghi — also a former student at the school from the distant ‘80s — and I have been dedicated to teaching Suzuki for years, after training at the Suzuki Institute in Turin with the teachers Mosca and Lee. Our students, between 3 and 16 years of age, who are learning violin and cello according to the teaching of Shinichi Suzuki, begin cultivating their sensitivity towards beauty through the discipline of playing a musical instrument. The Suzuki philosophy, even before taking musical training into consideration, focuses on the creation of “Young Citizens of the World.” This is a system by which children, with the support of their families, are accompanied through their lives in a project of sharing that goes beyond national borders through participation in Suzuki Conventions that are organized in various parts of the world, where children from all over can meet and play together. Pietro Bosna

Pietro Bosna and students of the Suzuki section of the Veggiano School of Music

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