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As soon as I received from Adriana Verchiani the good news about this festival in honor of Maestro Piero Farulli, I immediately wanted to write these few words to confirm my participation as a musician and as the Director of the Turin Conservatory. Together with his amazing energy and inexhaustible passion, Maestro Farulli’s greatest lesson was in teaching us to become aware of music as a great human gift, the importance of music education at all levels, music’s social value even above its cultural value, the value of playing music together, of listening to music. In Turin, thanks to the Fiat courses organized by Francesca Camerana in the early 1980s, the Maestro left an indelible mark for entire generations of musicians who trained and flourished there. And the Turin Conservatory, linked even more closely today to the Fiesole School of Music with many projects, wishes to participate in this active tribute by dedicating to the Maestro a series of chamber concerts in the season of the Serate Musicali (Musical Evenings) of the 2019/2020 season, dedicated almost entirely to Beethoven, a composer beloved by Piero Farulli. A season for young people, open to the city, as always, bearing witness to the vibrant presence of music and culture in our social fabric and to the great need we have for culture, and music in particular. Thank you, dear Maestro!Marco Zuccarini

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Beethoven’s chamber music

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