Trieste, Teatro Miela

ACM – Chamber Music Trieste



We wish to pay homage to our Maestro, Piero Farulli, whom we remember full-heartedly for the love with which he made music popular and available to all. In each new artistic project, his words of love and respect for all music and in particular for the string quartet repertoire resonate in our minds. His teachings and emotional energy have been and will always be an indispensable “driving force” for us to carry on our “mission” of being String Quartet players. Alberto Maria Ruta

Alberto Maria Ruta
Rossella Bertucci violins
Edoardo Rosadini viola
Lorenzo Ceriani cello

Sandro Cappelletto narrator

Holy Song of Thanksgiving
L. v. BEETHOVEN String Quartet No. 15 in A minor op. 132 narrated by Sandro Cappelletto

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