Venezia, Auditorium Lo Squero della fondazione Cini

Asolo Musica



The Quartet of Venice, has decided to dedicate the complete execution of Ludwig van Beethoven’s quartets for strings, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth, to his Maestro Piero Farulli, of whom in 2020, by a fortuitous coincidence, also occurs 100 year of birth. The quartets will be performed at the Squero of the Cini foundation in Venice, on the island of S.Giorgio, where the quartet has been “in residence” since 2017. The execution, barring unforeseen events, will take place in six concerts over a period of time it goes from February to November 2020. To our Maestro Piero Farulli: “… where words don’t come, Music speaks.” Angelo Zanin

Andrea Vio
Alberto Battiston, violins
Mario Paladin viola
Angelo Zanin, cello

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