“A different party, different, but still joyful and full of meaning for the tenacity with which it was decided not to give it up, exceeding the thousand organizational ones of this period. Aware that it was not possible to account for the countless activities of the School, we focused on ensembles, to celebrate in the most exquisitely Fiesole spirit of playing together. And we are confident that next year the day will be full of everyone’s music again ”.
Alexander Lonquich


Orchestra Piccolissimi Musici - Marina Raimondi conductor

Ensemble Crescendo - Marco Scicli conductor

Ensemble Crescendo molto - Martina Chiarugi conductor

Âmateur Music Ensemble - Stefano Zanobini concert master

Fiesole Harmonie e Quintetto di fiati

Orchestra Galilei - Alexander Lonquich conductor


Isolotto Big Band S-Bandiamo - Giada Moretti conductor

Nucleo Orchestrale di Sorgane - Stefano Rimoldi conductor

Nucleo Orchestrale delle Piagge - Marco Scicli conductor

Orchestra dei Ragazzi - Edoardo Rosadini conductor

Music by various artists A. Dvořák Serenata op. 22 L. Bernstein V Samba dal Divertimento per orchestra W. A. Mozart Serenata per archi e timpani Kv 239

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